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Welcome to the Comanche Nation College (CNC) website! Whether you are a new student or a returning student, you are making the right choice! If you are seeking a College or have educational goals you would like to accomplish, we encourage you to take time to visit our website for opportunities that the College can offer and we encourage you to learn more about us.

CNC was established on August 3, 2002 to address the educational needs of all eligible students and to develop the skills necessary to achieve further academic success. The College offers students Indigenous coursework and activities that encompass Comanche history, tradition, language, and culture. A major emphasis as a tribally controlled and supported institution is to combine all learning in a culturally enriched environment.

Comanche Nation College operates as an educational partner to Bacone College. Courses offered at Comanche Nation College include General Education, Vocational, and American Indian Studies (AIS).

CNC and Cameron University (CU) have collaborated to offer a variety of coursework to include general education classes. This is an outstanding and rewarding experience, as students receive credit through CU for coursework approved and taken at the College. CNC offers curriculum and instruction at Associate’s Degree levels. The initial accreditation process through CNC allow courses taken to be transferable.

Our most important goal is to preserve the culture and educate the citizens of our community. Our success is measured when you reach your goals. To that end, we offer education and training for jobs of the 21st century while maintaining cultural heritage and values. In addition, we are an associate member of the American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC).

As this Tribal College continues to grow our commitment will continue to improve opportunities and quality of life. Whether you plan to earn an associate’s degree or certificate, or to transfer, we are here to assist you. Come to the College to visit with us – Speak to someone who can help you plan your goals – Come Study With Us! We welcome you to join us in our journey!

Rafe Edward Trickey, Jr., Ed.D. — President
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Comanche Nation College

Candidate with the Higher Learning Commission and an affiliate of the North Central Association


Accreditation Information

Comanche Nation College (CNC) is pleased to announce that we are in the “Initial Candidacy” status through the North Central Association – Higher Learning Commission (NCA-HLC), which is a regional and national accrediting agency. It requires rigorous documentation and is a process that is continuously evolving and improvement challenge.

Requirements: A visiting team of peer reviewers determines whether the institution meets all the Eligibility Requirements, Minimum Expectations, and Criteria for Accreditation and whether it has the capacity to meet the Criteria fully within the two to four years, the anticipated duration for Candidate status. The recommendation of the visiting team enters the decision process. Under new guidelines, the accreditation process has changed and colleges will have to respond to new questions to show accountability and integrity.

Some people may not understand exactly what accreditation means or the process that the Comanche Nation College has agreed to pursue – CNC wishes to be transparent with our students, community, and all our stakeholders; therefore, the most commonly addressed questions of CNC will be answered here. If we have not answered your question, you are certainly welcomed to contact us at (580) 591-0203.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my CNC Credits transfer to other colleges and universities?

Yes, if your selected college or university accepts Humanities, Natural Sciences or American Indian Studies (AIS) credits. The University of Oklahoma, the University of Science and Arts, and Northeastern State University all accept AIS or Native American Studies (NAS) coursework; however, not all colleges or universities offer American Indian Studies or Native American Studies and may not accept your AIS credits.

I just want to take CNC courses, can I do that?

Yes, students may choose to attend CNC only. Credits are transcripted and General Education and other lower-division courses are fully transferable.

Mission & Purpose

Mission and Purpose

Mission Statement

The mission of the Comanche Nation College (CNC) is to provide educational opportunities in higher education combined with the traditions and customs of the Comanche Nation and other American Indian Perspectives. The Comanche Nation College provides students with a high quality and relevant education that is Comanche centered, based on the tribal culture, language, history and core values (Relationship, Responsibility, Reciprocity and Redistribution) that will provide all students with the necessary knowledge, skills and experiences to function successfully in a multicultural society.

Purpose Statements

  • To provide a lower division program of higher education with an American Indian cultural base in traditional and non-traditional students in Southwestern Oklahoma.
  • To provide a general education that enables students to become informed responsible citizens.
  • To provide programs of education in arts and sciences leading to an Associate’s degree through campus-based and online distance learning.
  • To provide career and technical programs to enable students to seek employment in various job fields, with completion of such programs culminating in the awarding of the Associate in Applied Science degree or an appropriate certificate.
  • To provide transfer programs, which include liberal arts, sciences, and pre- and para-professional subjects, thus enabling students to pursue completion of baccalaureate or professional degrees at four-year Colleges and universities.
  • To provide developmental courses, services, and programs in remedial education for individuals who require such assistance to function effectively at the College level.
  • To provide guidance services and programs of student activities for the promotion of personal development and tribal cultural awareness.
Core Values

Core Values

The 4 R’s


Accreditation Criteria

To set its standards for its accountability, Comanche Nation College integrates criterion components with those of the institution as it relates to infrastructure, resources, student learning and teaching, and campus climate, and stakeholders to the Core Values.

Relationship Value

Relationship — In kinship obligations, we are all related, not only to each other, but to all things, animals, plants, rocks; in fact to the very energy of which stars are made. In further understanding this core value, it provides a foundation that prepares one for life as a community tribal citizen who is capable of making informed choices of one’s own tribal values and goals.

In responding to this core value, Comanche Nation College provides the environment necessary to broaden the student perspective, making it possible to impact the personal relationships, while impacting the relationships to others.

CNC has structured “Criterion Three: Student Learning and Effective Teaching” accreditation standard to measure the effectiveness of the organization’s ability to provide student learning.

Responsibility Value

Responsibility — The community obligation rests on the understanding that we have a responsibility to care for all our relatives; as we are all related to each other. To further understand this core value, one must acquire respectful and responsible sensitivity to the consequences of one’s life and conduct toward others, as each impact the natural and social environment.

In responding to this core value, Comanche Nation College provides the environment necessary to build positive relationships and in a social milieu that encourages the development of a caring and responsible individual.

CNC has structured “Criterion One: Mission & Integrity” accreditation standards insuring that the organization operates with integrity to ensure the fulfillment of its mission through structures and processes that involve the board, administration, faculty, staff, and students.

Reciprocity Value

Reciprocity — In the cyclical obligation, all things are circular; the cycle of seasons, the cycle of life, as well as the dynamics between any two entities in a relationship. In this core values, it prepares one, cyclically, to be a responsible and informed tribal citizenship and yet, function within a larger global society. In further understanding this core value, it requires an understanding of the circle of life, the relationship, and the connectivity.

In responding to this core value, Comanche Nation College strives to develop the skills that support the ability to communicate one’s views effectively and persuasively to others. This builds and impacts skills, such as in political perspectives, and fosters the ability for one to make informed, respectful, and rational choices among alternatives, in a cyclical process.

CNC has structured “Criterion Two: Preparing for the Future” accreditation standard for determining the organization’s allocation of resources and its processes for evaluation and assessment.

Redistribution Value

Redistribution — In the sharing obligation, its primary purpose is to balance and rebalance relationships. The Comanche society has many ways of redistributing materials and social goods. In further understanding this core value, one must respect the balance and harmony in the diverse relationships encountered in the tribal community and society, impacting the economy through the redistribution process of one’s positive contributions.

In responding to this core value, Comanche Nation College provides an environment in which the individual can grow in self-esteem to become successful through studies and education, and in the understanding of the personal and global cycle; redistribute knowledge, experience, and success both personally and financially, in the circle of reciprocity, to others.

In summary, CNC has structured “Criterion Five: Engagement & Service” accreditation standard that embraces the College’s Core Values (Responsibility, Relationship, Reciprocity, and Redistribution) to accomplish its mission, identifying its constituencies, and serving them in ways they both value.



The foundation for teaching, learning, research and all educational activities of the ComancheNation College is based on the concept and philosophy of a Comanche-Centered Education.The College recognizes the strength in the Comanche culture and language. Therefore, they are the foundation for teaching and learning at Comanche Nation College. The programs of the college integrate both traditional and non-traditional knowledge and have a culturally responsive connection to the American Indian communities and others. This philosophy impacts policies and promotes the environment to establish and guide the institution in support of the College as it strives to meet its vision, core values, and mission and purpose statements.

Accreditation Documents

Accreditation Documents 2014 - Present
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November 17, 2014 Higher Learning Commission